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Welcome Fantasy Fans

Fantasy Sub Genres: The best one is... 

82 deviants said Mythology
64 deviants said Epic
59 deviants said ALL
53 deviants said Sci-Fi
24 deviants said Horror
18 deviants said Romance
15 deviants said Other


The rules:

Art posted here belongs to the artist who created it. It cannot be re-posted without their express written permission anywhere. This group will never upload an artist's work anywhere without their permission, nor can this group give anyone else permission to do so. If you are joining this group with the intention of finding good art to post elsewhere, without the artists express permission or at the very, very least, linking back to the original deviation... please do not join. We want our members art to be respected and safe.

:bulletblue: Respect one another.
:bulletblue: All content must be Fantasy related
:bulletblue: If you have a fantasy related community announcement, you may create a journal about it and submit it. Journals will be approved or denied by the admin staff.
:bulletblue: Please only submit your very best completed work. Tutorials are allowed, but only completed tutorials.

When submitting to a folder, please make sure you are submitting to the correct one.

Gallery Rules:

:bulletblue: The Royal Court is for the best of the best. This is a tough folder to get into, and even members who are apart of The Royal Court group here in the club still must only submit their very best work. If you are not a member of The Royal Court (invitation only, usually the best way to be invited is by entering group contests and impressing us), you cannot outright submit to this folder. You must wait for an admin to appreciate your work enough to add it, which is rare.

:bulletblue: Photography is for images that involve very little editing, and thus do not belong in photomanipulations. Pictures of celebrities (even from a fantasy show), animals, plants, and scenery are not permitted. Deviant ID's, self portraits, and anything non-fantasy are simply not allowed.

:bulletblue: Photomanipulations are, as the name implies, manipulations of photographs.

In order to submit here, all stock must be listed and linked to, and you must use stock that you have full permission to use, either by finding free stock, or paying for the use of it.

You must list all stock in the artist's description, or your submission will be denied.

:bulletblue: Digital Drawings and Paintings are artwork done digitally. This does not include Pixel art or 3D art, which goes into the Pixel or 3D art folders.

:bulletblue: Traditional Drawings and Paintings artwork done with traditional means, be it ink, lead, charcoal, paint, or any other non-digital method.

:bulletblue: Artisan Crafts and Sculptures. This folder is reserved for crafts and sculptures. Custom creations and designs fit well here, but digital artwork or paintings do not belong here.

:bulletblue: Cosplay and Costuming. Costumes and creations that are worn by people/pets. Not a place for photomanips, sculptures, or crafts, this is for professional grade costumes and cosplay, it's for your best fantasy based work.

:bulletblue: Literature and Poetry Fantasy themed literature and poetry.

:bulletblue: 3D Art Art created using a 3D program. Please note, while vector art is beautiful, more must be done to make it fantasy based enough to be welcome in this group.

:bulletblue: Pixel Art Pixel based art, that is fantasy themed.

:bulletblue: Fanart and Fanfiction Fanart must be from a fantasy product. (Lord of The Rings, Merlin, The Hobbit, Dragon Heart, etc.)

Be it a movie, TV show, book, short story, play, anything, the original content must be fantasy.

It cannot be a character from a non-fantasy show done in a fantasy style.
It cannot be a celebrity dressed up to look fantasy themed, unless that celebrity is in a fantasy based show in real life, and you are drawing that character.

If you use models to photomanip into other fantasy characters, you must stick with the stock usage rules: have full permission to do so, list all stock used, list the model, list everything in the artist's comments.

:bulletblue: Mature Art Mature content only. If your submission is mature content in any way, it must be in this folder, regardless ay other media.

Please note, this group allows topless people, but does not allow full frontal nudity by any gender.

We do not allow pornographic material, even if the genitals are covered.


We love our affiliates, and hope you love them, too!


We allow bare breasts and bare chests, bare backsides... no full frontal nudity, regardless of gender. Sometimes, people submit this anyway and we just deny it and sometimes message them explaining Opal's rules for no full frontal nudity... this is fine, we don't much care, things happen, it's artistic, people can forget the rules.

But the porn...

Come on, people.

I had to deny a LOT of it recently, a few of which broke DA's own policies and rules.

Nudity doesn't bother us admins, we even discuss at length what qualifies as too far.

But this? O.M.G. I'm pretty sure you have to put your credit card information into very shady websites to see stuff like this.

Yes, I do admit, due to very specific abuse I suffered through as a child, I personally abstain from sex. The very mention of it USED to bother me, but it doesn't anymore, it's something other people enjoy and that's just fine.

What's being submitted isn't.

Rape scenes, with detailed descriptions, being done to humans, with no obvious fantasy element is what's really throwing me over the edge right now. Rape isn't fantasy. No one here wants to hear about your rape fantasies... the police might, but DeviantArt doesn't.  On that note, CHILDREN being used in such pictures is going to just get you banned and reported to Deviantart automatically from now on. No more asking. Because when I ask, I get told "it's just a picture, no one's actually getting hurt."  It's against the rules... don't... just don't.

We had a few submitted with tentacles, like it was tentacle day or something, a few with very obvious penetration... I know that's how they got away with drawing hentai and such in Japan to get through their censorship, but it does not fly here.

*shudder shudder shudder* What's with today? Is it porn day and no one told me!?



One of you would warn me about that, right? I mean... right?

Let's keep it to non-sex related fantasy stuff here, okay? That's the stuff we all come here to see! :-D Dragons and fairies! Not dragons doing it with fairies.

I mean, really, the physics alone is a huge problem.

Sorry for the random journal! There were just a LOT of those submissions today and a few yesterday, enough so that I feel we gotta post this reminder. We won't ban people unless it's child porn, we're not setting any new rules, we're just asking for members to remember the rules for this specific group, please :) We know sometimes mistakes happen, or you forget, and we're cool with that, just try and remember for in the future.
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